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Monday, September 05, 2005

THIEF - the project of 26-minute animated movie

He never made mistakes. And nothing stopped him. He was a thief by birth. He could get away with the most difficult thefts with great ease. But, once he heard from a wise man about the owner of invaluable treasures. And could he just ignore this gift of fate? Could he know that wise men should be listend to with great care.

The raving is breaking off, the furious twinkling is disappearing. The boy stood behind him. His knees were soiled, dust was on the sheeks. His hair were full of leafs and flowers. There was also a small peacock's feather.
— Who are You? — the Thief asked, calming down hardly after what was happened.
— In my village they simply call me a butter-pilferer, — the boy answered.
— It means, You are a thief too. Working with the butter.

Pilot-reel (2 min) for download
(codec Divx 5, size 4.56MB)