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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Bhaktivedanta International School

Ideally we are concerned with offering educational opportunities to those great souls in little bodies who can realize prema, pure love for Krishna, in their present birth.

The progressive stages of this education are based on the general guide of Prabhupada´s Nectar of Devotion. However, currently, we expect most of our students to be developing devotees who can use training in devotional techniques such as japa, kirtana, devotional music, worship of the deity and regular home and ashrama practices of bhakti yoga, but who will also need practical training in careers for their household life such as work the movie industry, travel and tour industry, printing industry etc.

Therefore we are offering a curriculum that is devotional, philosophical and practical, with hands-on experience with modern technology. The school and curriculum, with regular daily classes from 9AM to 1PM, Kindergarten to Sixth Grade, are fully accredited by the government of Peru so students can transfer with full credit to any Peruvian or compatible school system.

The curriculum also includes a strong program in dance, theater and communication skills, as well as many regular special events and travel. Students are trained in strong, healthy character development.

Bhaktivedanta International School
Español: Colegio Bhaktivedanta Internacional CBI
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